Celebrate the Holidays with Flavor: Latinos Con Onda Cerveza Navideña

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As the festive season approaches, beer enthusiasts and holiday lovers alike have a new reason to celebrate with the release of Latinos Con Onda Cerveza Navideña, a Mexican lager that brings together the rich flavors of Mexico and the spirit of the season. This special edition brew is a collaboration between Latinos Con Onda and Ghost Train Brewing Company, featuring a captivating design by the talented Mexican illustrator, Jorge Chávez, also known as El Barbas.

A Fusion of Mexican Craftsmanship and Brewing Excellence

The Latinos Con Onda Cerveza Navideña is more than just a beer; it’s a celebration of Mexican craftsmanship and brewing excellence. This collaboration between Latinos Con Onda and Ghost Train Brewing Company aims to create a unique and festive drinking experience that captures the essence of the holiday season.

The Design

The heart of this Christmas Edition is the stunning design crafted by Jorge Chávez, El Barbas. With an illustrious career working with renowned names such as The Killers, Café Tacvba, New Found Glory, Molotov, and festivals like Skatex and Pachamama.

Chávez brings his artistic prowess to the beer can. The can features a lively depiction of Santa Claus and Krampus, a dark-haired creature from European folklore known for swapping misbehaving children. Together, these Christmas icons cheerfully raise their glasses of Latinos Con Onda Beer, recreating a Christmas flyer from the past.

The Santa Claus and Krampus imagery not only pays homage to traditional Christmas folklore but also adds a playful and cultural touch to the overall design. It’s a visual feast that captures the spirit of the holidays while staying true to the Mexican roots of the Latinos Con Onda brand.

The Flavor Profile

Beyond the eye-catching design, the Christmas Edition Lager promises a flavor profile that showcases the best of Mexican brewing. Expect a crisp and refreshing taste with hints of malt sweetness, balanced by a subtle hop bitterness. The brewmasters at Ghost Train Brewing Company have carefully crafted a beer that not only complements the festive occasion but also satisfies the discerning palates of beer enthusiasts.

Limited Edition

As a limited edition release, the Latinos Con Onda Cerveza Navideña is a must-try for beer collectors and holiday enthusiasts alike. The unique combination of sabores and the collectible nature of the can make it a perfect addition to holiday celebrations, whether you’re hosting a festive gathering or looking for a special gift for the beer lover in your life.

Elevate your celebrations with the Latinos Con Onda Cerveza Navideña this holiday season. From its vibrant and culturally rich design by El Barbas to its expertly crafted flavor profile, this collaboration with Ghost Train Brewing Company is a testament to the creativity and innovation in craft beer, represents the union and diversity that this hispanic initiative has always achieved in the Magic City. Cheers to a festive season filled with sabor, tradition, and the captivating vibe of Latinos Con Onda!

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